What is Hippie Life Krew?

Hippie Life Krew is a 10 year old lifestyle & culture brand created and nurtured by multi-talented artist Visto. Since 2012, the brand has hosted unique events, created apparel & made connections in diverse industries. In 2022, HLK began its adventure into the metaverse, bringing many of the same events and vibes to the Web3 environment.

In June 2023, the Hippie Life Krew NFT project dropped, minting out 3333 pieces in a few short weeks. The project is more than just unique art, though. During the time leading up to the mint, a strong and deeply connected community formed. Through conversations in Discord, emotional and enjoyable Twitter Spaces, and regular community content contributions – a krewmily vibe was created that continues to grow and evolve.

So, the project has great art & an excellent community. But that’s not all. Where so many NFT project have promised “utility,” very few have ever managed to make good on their promises. HLK has close connections to the cannabis industry, and is rolling out their own strain in California dispensaries in 2023. If a person owns at least 3 Hippie Life Krew NFTs, they can participate in a unique IP program where their Hippies will be used on the cannabis packaging. In exchange for allowing the use of their characters, they will get a portion of the proceeds back in the form of indirect royalties.

This is just the beginning of the IP usage and royalty sharing, as many more products will emerge as perfect homes for the HLK characters and vibes. Beyond the community, art and royalties, there will also be ample opportunities to attend live music, art & culture events where HLK holders will get special perks and priority. There will be community service experiences where holders can participate in the creation of a better world. And so much more – truly – this is an entire ecosystem of incredible utility & experience that is an entirely new chapter in NFT evolution.

Are you a NFT collector who’s interested in joining the Krew?

Are you brand new to NFTs and interested in learning more?

Watch this space for resources coming soon. And in the meantime, reach out to me any time via Twitter and I will happily help you proceed safely & with the care any investment deserves.

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