Roadmap has become a dirty word in the NFT space. Despite this, I’m a transparent sort of person and want to let you know what I’m working towards. Using Twitter and the HLK Discord, I’ll do my best to keep folks updated as to my progress. And when changes in the plan or timeline need to be made, I’ll make them here.

Right now, I’m essentially in Phase 1. In this stage, I’m throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks. I hope to raise consciousness around the program & begin attracting *new* HLK members to the fold. I will be building the first course, teaching group classes in this context for the first time & continuing to refine the brand, the message and the website.

It’ll be a busy time – so I have to guard against overcommitment so I can give this my all.

Past, Current & Future Work

Future work subject to change based on feedback & experience

Past / Done


  • Finalizing plan for first season of Qigong courses, which start February 8, 2024
  • Working on 5 Elements of Radiant Health final course outline, next step is creating the slides for presentations. I’ve slowed down development a bit so I can focus on quality & on balance in my life.


  • “5 Elements of Radiant Health” course modules begin dropping (Q2 2024)

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