Holistic Health Coaching

My primary passion and focus in life is helping people to sustain deep levels of wellness across every area of their lives. I do this primarily through my work as an acupuncturist and herbalist at my clinic, Watershed Wellness, in Astoria, OR, but have done online coaching and teaching of various kinds to help folks outside my local area as well.

The HHH program is primarily collective in nature. We have group classes, a library of information accessible to all HLK, interactions on Discord. But for some people 1-on-1 work may be preferred, or required, to reach their health goals. To that end, I have created several holistic health coaching packages exclusively for Hippie Life Krew members, available to those who own 3 or more Hippies.

Note that while I call this health coaching, the truth is it’s no different from the work I do in person with people except that I cannot do acupuncture on you through Zoom. However, due to legal concerns based on state-by-state acupuncture regulations, I must call what we do together “health coaching,” rather than something else. But you will be getting every bit of the same skill and knowledge that my in-person patients receive.

Who I can help

In short, anyone who is motivated to improve their health in a lasting way is a good candidate for working with me 1-on-1. That said, my experience has shown me there are some conditions, and some folks, who benefit more from online health coaching than others. If you’re not sure if your situation is a good fit, reach out and we can discuss.

People who benefit most from this kind of work are:

  • Generally self-motivated. While we will definitely discuss strategies for improving your consistency and compliance, I cannot make you carry out the actions we discuss in sessions. Ultimately, you are the one who is going to have to implement the program we build together, all the encouragement and support in the world won’t motivate someone who doesn’t want to heal.
  • Open minded. I will be recommending self-care and treatment that you may not be familiar with. I may be asking you to stop doing things that have brought you comfort or pleasure for a long time. The people who are most successful are those who are willing to make real changes in their lives, even if they feel some resistance to those changes. Your mind must be open to all the options.
  • Curious & eager to learn. Our work together starts with knowledge. Learning how the body works from multiple perspectives, how your current habits may be contributing to health challenges, and how holistic medicine can help is essential in the healing process. You will benefit most if you are actively interested in learning, and willing to read, watch & listen to information to support our work.

I am happy to work on “general wellness” for people who are mostly healthy, but are just looking to uplevel their habits or work towards prevention of illness down the road. However, the kind of work I do is also very effective in actively treating health challenges.

Some of the things I’ve helped people overcome include:

  • Low energy / fatigue from any source including thyroid disorders, chronic Epstein-Barr & chronic Lyme disease
  • Insomnia and other sleep challenges
  • Headaches, including migraines, unexplained dizziness or light headedness
  • Digestive problems of all kinds including dietary sensitivities, chronic BM problems, inflammatory bowel disorders, chronic heartburn / GERD and challenges with appetite.
    • Note, I *do not* work primarily on weight loss. Being overweight is not a symptom, and not a disease, and is honestly very often not even a health concern despite what the medical establishment would have you believe. While weight loss may happen particularly with digestive improvements, it is not a goal I will actively work to help you achieve.
  • Menstrual and fertility issues including painful periods, PMS, issues of pregnancy and breastfeeding, difficulties in getting or staying pregnant and similar
  • Chronic body pain particularly from causes like fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and other auto-immune conditions
  • Chronic immune system insufficiency, long-COVID, seasonal allergies, chronic coughs or sinus congestion. Note that it is very difficult to resolve chronic lung conditions if you are smoking (not vaping) lots of weed. So, that will have to be part of the conversation, sorry. 🙂
  • Brain fog, memory issues and problems concentrating, trouble managing work or finding life balance, and similar issues

If you are dealing with a serious health condition, particularly any kind of significant mental health challenge, I do require that you be in the care of an in-person healthcare provider if we work together. The reason is that remote work can only go so far, and if you are dealing with a life threatening or extremely debilitating condition, having at least one person with whom you can work with in person is extremely important. If you have questions about this, reach out.

How we will work together

The main tool we will use is live Zoom sessions. You *must* be willing to be live on video for us to work together. Facial diagnosis, and just getting your vibe in person is required for me to be effective as a health coach. During Zoom sessions we will talk about your situation, make plans, discuss your progress, and sometimes do meditation, qigong and other movement instruction as needed.

Sessions can be recorded at your request so you can go over the information later. Recordings will not be kept indefinitely due to storage costs, but you will have the opportunity to download the session before it is deleted.

We will also use surveys, text communication through a private Discord channel I will create for our work together & other means to build and execute the plan that we create. You will have privileged access to me to ask questions via that Discord channel, with a promise that you will hear back from me within 24 hours, usually much quicker. If I am gone on retreat or vacation, I will always let you know, and during those times my responses will come much more slowly, or wait until I return.

I may suggest dietary changes, supplements, herbal formulas and self-treatment methods using a variety of tools. Some of these items will come with an additional cost, which I will always try to keep minimal so as to make coaching as accessible as possible. If it’s something I don’t sell personally, I will point you to the most affordable source I can find that is still good quality.

The packages & pricing

I generally don’t do one-off sessions. I have found that building lasting wellness requires consistent work over time, and I’ve set up these packages to accomplish that. If you have an acute health situation and you want help you think I can provide, I will consider making a single session available. If that’s something you need, please reach out to me and we can discuss.

For the vast majority of situations, a package of sessions is most appropriate!

You can choose from 5 or 10 session packages. All packages include the process listed below, and then either five or ten 1 hour sessions via Zoom. All packages also include a final write-up at the end of the package with a summary of our work together and some final recommendations.

  • 5 session package = Normally $550, $450 for Krewmily
  • 10 session package = Normally $1050, $900 for Krewmily

Payment can be in USD or ETH and must be complete prior to commencing work together. In limited situations, I may consider a payment arrangement of a maximum of 3 payments. Please ask me about the details if you need this.

Once you have completed a package, you can repeat, and I may make 1-off sessions available to you for follow-up. I have had clients work with me for several years in a row, and I’ve also worked with people for just a 5 session package. Both can be effective depending on the person and situation.

The sign-up process

  • Everything starts with your filling out this coaching request form. Before we go any further, I’ll verify you’re a HLK IP program member (3+ Hippies held) using the information you provide there.
  • Once that is verified, you’ll receive a questionnaire where you’ll give me information about your health history & share your goals for our work together. You’ll also have the opportunity to submit questions you have about the program and my work. I’ll review this information & get back to you via email with any follow-up questions I have after reading it through.
  • In limited circumstances, a brief voice conversation may be required to ensure proper fit.
  • Once we’ve mutually decided that it’s time to move forward, you’ll receive information about payment and scheduling your sessions.
  • After payment has been received, you’ll receive a number of forms and questionnaires that help me understand more details about your health history & goals, as well as giving you important information about our work together.
  • Then, we’re ready to get to work helping you get and stay in the best health of your life!

I look forward to working with you!

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