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I’m Eric Grey, MS, LAc – known in NFT circles as Vibemaster.

I started my journey in Web3 back in 2021, and am currently a passionate supporter of several projects including the Wanderers, Saved Souls, Mindful Monkz, Bricktopians and of course, Hippie Life Krew. I’m also one of the co-founders of a project that was taken over by members of a rugged community – called FOR3V3R D34D.

I got into Hippie Life Krew (HLK) right before mint and grew to mini-whale status including snagging the 1/1 Noheartica AI bot. I resonated with the brand from the beginning because of my location in Oregon (hippie capital of the world) and other aspects of my story. Early on I started talking to the founder, Visto, about how I might bring my professional passions in to benefit the Krew. The results of those conversations are what you can read about on this site!

My Professional Background

I got two Bachelor’s degrees from Oregon State University (OSU). The first, in Philosophy, was focused chiefly on environmental ethics and feminist epistemology. The second, in Biology, was oriented around microbiology and molecular genetics. I went on to do Master’s level work in Applied Ethics at OSU, exploring the history and ethics of the profession of medicine. I ultimately went on to begin a PhD in Philosophy at Purdue University.

However, when I started my PhD training, I quickly became disenchanted with academic Philosophy. The economics and culture of the Academy did not match my energy – so I began my hunt for a profession that would fit me better. Ultimately, through a series of near-magical encounters, I found myself enrolling at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland as a student of Classical Chinese Medicine.

I graduated with honors from medical school, passed my board examinations, and immediately started a multi-modality holistic health clinic in Portland with my wife, who is a massage therapist. Watershed Wellness (WW) quickly became the center of our existence, and has been the source of a wonderful education in medicine, clinic management, and every aspect of business you can imagine.

At the same time we started WW, I was hired to teach at my alma mater.

I started out with one course in Chinese herbs, but quickly moved to full-time teaching. By the time I left 10 years later, I had taught many courses, designed and taught the business & practice management curriculum, acted as clinical supervisor, and mentored dozens of students through their graduation capstone requirements. I enjoyed teaching very much, and also taught online through my website Whole Life Practitioner (WLP).

Ultimately, we decided the city life wasn’t for us, and in 2016 we moved our lives and our clinic to a small town in the far NW corner of Oregon – Astoria. Living here has transformed our lives on many levels, and we’re now proud to own a central hub of excellent medical practice in our area.

My Contemplative Background

I have been a spiritual seeker for as long as I can remember, despite being raised as an atheist/agnostic. That spiritual seeking was satisfied, in part, by my work in Philosophy – since Philosophy and Spiritual Practice ultimately seek to answer some of the same questions. But, academic Philosophy never seemed to really scratch the itch that was inside of me.

I explored many religious traditions, and found something valuable in each of them. But, ultimately, I was always oriented toward the more contemplative aspect of any spiritual framework. I learned about meditation when I was 16 and received my first copy of the Yijing (I Ching) which discussed moving into a meditative state before doing a reading. That started me on a youthful exploration of meditation and Asian forms of spirituality. This naturally led me to explore Buddhism, which resonated deeply, and ultimately stuck as my spiritual tradition of choice.

In medical school, I was fortunate to engage in four years of intensive qigong training, which I extended after school, studying with multiple teachers.

Qigong has moving forms, standing forms and sitting forms. The seated forms are similar to seated meditation associated with Buddhism, which kept my interest in that tradition high while I was in school. I continued to study Buddhism on my own, and occasionally with a teacher, but never really found a sangha (the name for a Buddhist spiritual community).

While much of my contemplative nature is satisfied by what we do in qigong, ultimately I needed more. When I moved to Astoria, I discovered that there is a Zen Buddhist monastery only 45 minutes away from my home. I began to sit and study there, ultimately culminating in my current regular meditation retreat practice. In that practice, I spend a week every 1-2 months in silent meditation with the sangha, learning to go deeply into myself and be present with what is there.

Qigong & meditation form a deep aspect of who I am and how I teach.

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