About the HHH Program

The goal of the HHH program is to empower Hippie Life Krew family with information, skills & support needed to build and sustain a healthy lifestyle for the long term. All offerings are based on natural medicine principles flowing from classical Chinese medicine, Naturopathic medicine, massage and other bodywork modalities and the movement modalities of qigong and yoga.

#1 - Qigong & meditation classes

Accessible to all Krewmily

  • Weekly Zoom classes that weave together Qigong, various forms of meditation & relevant information from the Classical Chinese perspective
  • Classes are arranged in "seasons" which have themes and particular energetic orientations. Learn more.
  • Information posted to our private Discord will support and enhance your practice!

#2 - Course : "5 Elements of Radiant Health"

Accessible to all Krewmily


  • A complete holistic framework for building a healthful & vibrant lifestyle that will help you achieve your highest goals for your life.
  • Teaching is grounded in Classical Chinese medicine & East Asian philosophy, but is ultimately animated by my research and clinical experience over the last 15 years
  • Audio & video lessons, self-assessments, worksheets, exercises, journal prompts & more
  • Read the evolving class outline here
  • Currently in development, aiming for Q2 of 2024 to begin releasing material

#3 - Access to the HHH Discord including the HHH Library

Accessible to all Krewmily


  • Online library hosted on Discord that will develop over time to include vetted information on a variety of relevant topics in holistic health & related topics.
  • Will grow in response to Krew questions & the conversations we have over time. This will NOT be a dead, static database, but a living & expanding ecosystem of knowledge.
  • The library will provide you with a systematic base of information that you can use to fuel your personal health journey.

#4 - Discounts on future courses & workshops

All Krewmily will receive 30-50% off on registration for future topical courses to come starting in 2024.


  • Courses will have a similar structure and use similar activities as "5 Elements of Radiant Health."
  • I will ask for your input on the types of courses that would be most helpful to you, and always take student feedback into consideration as I learn what works best from course to course.
  • First in the queue - "Heal & Prevent Low Back Pain Naturally" coming in 2024.

#5 - Discounted individualized health coaching packages

Available to IP Krew members (3 or more Hippies held)


For those who desire more 1-on-1 attention or who are searching for treatment for specific health concerns, working with me directly may be the best option.


I've created some special packages of sessions to work remotely with people who are serious about improving their health & lifestyle. Spots are limited and an active waitlist will be maintained if necessary.


More information about the package options will be coming shortly - watch this space!

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